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Sweets and Treats
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11th-Jan-2014 11:13 am - [sticky post] Welcome @ Sweets and Treats!
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members only community!

Welcome to Sweets and Treats! This community is for members only!
Here you will can request cute graphics like blinkies and icons made with paid pixels!

This Community is DRAMA FREE and membership is moderated...
No need to comment.. Just join and wait to be approved!

Please go read the terms of use before joining!
After joined, be sure to watch the community in order to receive updates and offers!

I look forward to have you here! :)

why your membership could be rejected or deleted...Collapse )
11th-Jan-2014 12:12 pm - mod post: brand new community!
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I decided to move honeymooncuties to my brand new community: sweetsandtreats!

I invited all members of my old community to this new one..
If you didn't received an invitation, just join and wait to be approved! :)

** The old community will stay OPEN until March 31st 2014 **
the next offers will be offered HERE and not at honeymooncuties anymore!

I will continue to offer my "MONTHLY REQUESTS OFFERS" every month and everyone will be allowed to request on these offers!
20th-Nov-2012 04:51 pm - Terms of Use & Rules
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thank you to read and to respect my terms...

anyone who will not follow the terms of use below
will be placed on my personal DNMF list!

1. always credit to http://littlehoneymoon.com everytime and everywhere you use my graphics - If you use my graphics on LiveJournal, you can cedit to me using lj-tags (by <lj user="littlehoneymoon") or with hover credit.. As long as everyone can see where you got the graphics.. Otherwise you must credit directly to my site!

2. always use your good manners when requesting/ordering graphics - Say PLEASE and THANK YOU don't take a lot of time and can make everyone happy! :)

3. please don't request/order something if you don't plan to use it! - I don't like when my graphics are not used... It's just a waste of my time and my energy!

4. please save your graphics in a timely manner - You must always save your graphics within 7 days after I post them.. I don't send any reminders for pickups! If you didn't saved them after 7 days, you will get a strike and after 3 strikes you will be deleted from my Community and added on my personal DNMF list!

5. always save your graphics on your hard drive - Hot Linking is EVIL! It's illegal and totally forbidden! I usually upload graphics on my Photobucket and delete them after 7 days!

6. please save only your own graphics - You can't save the graphics of others even if you have the same name! I always specify for who the graphics have been created in the post and in the filename unless I send them by email...

7. please don't edit, modify, recolor or frankenpixel or tear apart any of my graphics - I usually only use paid pixels to create my graphics.. This mean that they can't be edited or modified in any way! If you love the pixels I used, just check My Memberships and join the sites to get your own pixels!

8. my graphics are for a personal use only - You can use them in your emails (except for the icons!), on your site or blog and on your LiveJournal as long as there is a link back to my site.. You can't use any of my graphics on Facebook, My Space, Twitter or Skype in any way! - My icons can only be used on LiveJournal! NOWHERE ELSE!

9. don't share any of my graphics - You can't share the graphics I made for you with someone else! That's mainly why I don't do many graphics with 2 names! The graphics are usually created for 1 person only!

10. don't try to copy or to reproduce any of my graphics - Each graphics take me time to create and I don't want to see copies anywhere else!

If you have any questions, comments or doubts about my Terms of Use,
please contact me before using anything in a wrong manner!

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