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Sweets and Treats
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20th-Nov-2012 04:52 pm - Loved List
layout » under the sea

adorablexi (shayna)
brutal (shenna)
adawong (heather)
harts (geraldine)
kseenaa (ksena)
ladyofavalon77 (jessica)
lanbelle (belle)
laurahonest (lorelei)
moonshinefaerie (kelly)
nvr_existed (euri)
hisescape (orella)
phyncke (jane)
portus (tallie)
redwingprincess (tiffany)
sw8hart (beille)
swtspice (jacquelyn)
yueshi (yuri)
20th-Nov-2012 05:58 pm - DNMF & Strikes List
layout » under the sea
The ladies below are on my DNMF List because of the following reasons:
They’re known as a thief, copycat, liar, drama queen...
They broken or abused my terms several times...
They used my graphics on Facebook, My Space or Twitter...
They didn’t used good manners when requesting or saving graphics...
They didn’t gave credits anywhere!
They didn’t saved graphics in a timely manner!
They added me on their own DNMF List!
They banned me from their own Community!

DNMF LIST: italic, thalassa_ipx

When you don't save your graphics within 7 days after I post them, you will get a strike... After 3 strikes, you will be added to my DNMF List! You must comment to let me know you saved your graphics!

My Strike List is only good for offers made at sweetsandtreats and at sweetslovedonly
kseenaa (2), lanbelle (2), redwingprincess (1), sw8hart (2), swtspice (2)
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