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Sweets and Treats
Welcome @ Sweets and Treats! 
11th-Jan-2014 11:13 am - [sticky post]
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members only community!

Welcome to Sweets and Treats! This community is for members only!
Here you will can request cute graphics like blinkies and icons made with paid pixels!

This Community is DRAMA FREE and membership is moderated...
No need to comment.. Just join and wait to be approved!

Please go read the terms of use before joining!
After joined, be sure to watch the community in order to receive updates and offers!

I look forward to have you here! :)

Your membership could be rejected or deleted for the following reasons:

** you are known as a thief/copycat, liar, drama queen **
** you broken/abused my rules several times **
** you use my graphics on facebook, myspace, twitter, skype.. **
** you don't use good manners when requesting/saving graphics **
** you don't credit graphics anywhere! **
** you don't pick-up goodies in a timely manner **
** you added me on your DNMF List or you banned me from your own community! **
your journal is pretty new (no entries or no content at all!) **
** you failed to reply to the members cut I have every year! **

please don't ask why your membership has been deleted or rejected!
you know who you are and what you have done!
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